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Pinterest Try It - Easy Dog Coat

  The best kinds of crafts and projects are ones you can immediately use. My husband surprised me with a puppy for Christmas - this is Piper. She is an Australian Cattle Dog, but definitely the runt of the litter. While we don't get too many cold days in Scottsdale Arizona, this Christmas and early January have been a little cold, especially for a little one. I found this tutorial on Pinterest from Wholefully for an easy dog coat made from just a little fleece. This little coat is almost more like a cape that uses Velcro fasteners at the chest and under the belly.  Following the directions for measuring the puppy and using those measurements, I cut a rectangle that basically represents the length of the back and depth of the coat with a couple of inches on one end for the chest tabs and a couple of inches below for a belly tab. Because the rectangle is cut on the fold where the back measurement is, when you unfold it, it looks like this: . The hot pink & white fleece is the ou

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