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Envelope Pillow Pattern

I love being able to change the look of a room with just 45 minutes of sewing.  I made these pillow covers for my friend in a single evening using this easy pattern for envelope pillows using a SINGLE piece of fabric.  Here's how much fabric you need based on the size of the pillow:
12" square pillow =  12" x 30" 14" square pillow = 14" x 30" 16" square pillow = 16" x 40" 18" square pillow = 18" x 45" 20" square pillow = 20" x 50" 22" square pillow = 22" x 55" 24" square pillow = 24" x 60"
My friend, who loves wine, chose this flannel fabric with cork designs:

I have worked a lot with snuggle flannel, but never on making pillows.  I am now a huge fan.  It's soft, very easy to work with and looks great.  Each pillow is made from a single piece of fabric. Her pillows were 18" square, so I cut the fabric into 18" x 45" pieces (I made 4 identical pillows).
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