Pinterest Trends for 2022

 At the beginning of each year, design people and trend makers make predictions of what will be trendy or popular in the upcoming year.  Pinterest doesn't make predictions - it already knows the hottest trends because it has the pins to know what is trending upward in popularity.  While I haven't included all of the trends mentioned by Pinterest, here are a few I think are very interesting.


According to Pinterest, it is not enough to just have a pet in your home. Your pet needs to be pampered with areas of the house dedicated to your fur baby.  Popular searches and pins in this area include "catify your home" or "luxury dog room." I have a couple of feline family members and a brand new Christmas puppy, so you can expect to see tutorials from me in 2022 for cat toys, a catio (cat patio) or items to pamper my pooch.

Crafts for All

In continuing a trend that picked up steam during the pandemic, people are interested in learning a new craft.  You may have seen my New Year's call for "Let's Create Something" and this is it. Pretty Home Threads will be leaning into this particular trend, offering more DIY patterns, including seasonal patterns, and maybe even a full craft kit or two in my Etsy store, Pretty Home Threads.  This trend also works really well to rediscover some hobbies or crafts you may have enjoyed as a child.  Picking up a new craft or technique like cross-stitch or crochet or even sewing with your kids is a great way to spend a weekend without the TV! Check out Pinterest's offerings under the search "useful crafts for adults."

Get a (New) Job

This isn't a trend about just any new job - this is about a new career doing something you LOVE. During this pandemic people (especially Millennials) realized that life is just too short and turning a hobby into a career is the next big thing.  Whether it is "art business ideas" or "mobile businesses," or just a "side hustle", people are looking for interesting ways to make a living doing something they enjoy.

Bring the Outside In

Houseplants have been a thing forever, but this trend takes it to a whole new level.  It's biophillic.  There are amazing ideas for bringing plants into the bedroom, the office.  And if bringing plants into your bedroom and office is not enough, there is a trend for teachers to bring nature into the classroom to create a calming environment.

If you try one of these trends during 2022, I would love to see your comments and maybe even a picture or two. It's been a tough couple of years and we're all pandemic weary, so let's try something new in 2022!



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