DIY Pattern Baby Nursing Pillow


Every new parent will tell you that the most wonderful time with a baby is the time spent nursing.  Whether you breastfed or used a bottle, holding your baby and gazing into his or her eyes is precious time.  As wonderful as that time is, sometimes having baby's head resting on your forearm can get a little hot and can even be uncomfortable for you and baby because of the pressure of baby's head on your arm.

I designed this nursing pillow as a way to reduce that discomfort, while providing additional support to baby's head while nursing or bottle feeding.  When folded in half and fastened with Velcro, the pillow wraps around your forearm so baby's head can rest and you don't have to lift your arm so much to get baby in a feeding position.  Here's the best part - you can make your very own with a simple pattern from my Etsy store, Pretty Home Threads

Materials Needed
 Cotton Fabric 
Soft Contrast Fabric (I use minky)
Sewable Velcro 

The pattern is a PDF digital download with a full tutorial, including step-by-step instructions and multiple photographs.  You need to know how to sew, and have a sewing machine. The skill level for the pattern is probably Beginner to Intermediate, especially working with minky fabric. 

The pillow can also be opened flat and used as a "wedge" behind baby's back while sleeping, or even as a travel pillow for you.  Whether it's for your baby or a gift for someone else, baby pillows are pretty AND practical.

If you don't sew, but would still like to get your own Nursing Pillow, I do take orders for $25, which includes shipping.  Contact me by email and we can get started designing one just for you.  Or use my pattern and make your own.

Enjoy your time with baby!



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