You've Been Booed!


It's the scary time of year - Halloween is coming.  It's a great time to get to know your neighbors by starting this fun neighborhood tradition.  It's not complicated - just give a fun anonymous gift for a selected neighbor (or two) and watch it continue through your neighborhood until Halloween.

You can give whatever you want, but I found these cute dish towels and mini pumpkins at Target.  Target also had a "booed" package that included the Boo gift bag, the Boo instructions and the door hanger.  The big orange crochet pumpkin you can find in my Etsy store, Pretty Home Threads.

The key to "booing" is the tag that encourages your neighbor to make copies of the instructions so they can "boo" another neighbor.  If you don't find the "boo" package at Target, you can print your own with Avery.  If you don't need "boo" tags or instructions, the Avery blog has lots of other fun Halloween tags and labels you can use throughout October.

Another fun part of this project is the door hanger you place on the door to let your neighbor know they have been "booed."  The flip side of the door hanger is white, so all your neighbors can see who has been "booed" and more neighbors get in on the fun.


Get your "boo" on today and Happy Halloween!




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