Scentsy in July


Welcome to July!  If you're a Scentsy fan (of course you are!), this is an exciting month because Scentsy is beginning its transition to the Fall/Winter catalog that arrives in August.  That means in July most items are 10% off!

If that's not enough to get you excited, here is the adorable Warmer of the Month (find it under the Specials tab on my Scentsy website).  It's called Above the Clouds:

There is also a new Scentsy Buddy in July - Maddox the Monkey!

If you have a Disney Cars fan in your house, run don't walk to my Scentsy website to get this limited edition warmer, waxes and Scent Circles for (what else!) your car:

And finally, ONLY FROM JULY 7 to 14th, you can PREORDER the Harry Potter Collection which will be available in February.  Are you wondering why you would put a deposit down on something that won't be available for 6 months?  This is a limited time offer and will certainly sell out.  By preordering, you are guaranteed to get the product.  You can also wait until it is available in February, but these will sell out fast once they are available.  Visit my Scentsy website between July 7 and 14 and preorder yours:

So much happening in Scentsy in July - don't miss it!  Better yet, why don't you host an online Facebook party?  It is so easy - you invite the friends and I do all the work.  I am booking for July and August right now, so pop me an email if you are interested.  You DON'T have to live in the Phoenix area - you can do a Facebook party and invite friends ANYWHERE!

Scentsy on, my friends!



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