Father's Day Gifts - Blah Blah


Summer is upon us and Father's Day is coming soon.  This is a moment many women dread all year long.  What to buy for Dad?  Do me a favor this year - avoid the t-shirts, keychains, coffee cups and kid pictures.  Yeah, I've done those too, but wouldn't it be nice to get him something he will use?  It's not easy to find original ideas, but here are few suggestions from Etsy and Scentsy (with links so you can easily buy them now in time for Father's Day).

Normally I would direct you to my own Etsy store, Pretty Home Threads, but I don't have too many items suitable for Father's Day.  So here are a few interesting items I found.  I do find it a little funny that the "best" Father's Day gifts seem to involve picking Dad's favorite hobby or vice and slapping images or names of our kids on them.  Click on the title below the photo to see the Etsy listing.

Here are some ideas from my Scentsy website because, hey, guys need to smell good too!  Notice the mini diffusers that are perfect to plug in the car with a USB cable and use neat pods to deliver awesome scents to stinky Dad cars :)

Whatever you decide to do for Dad this Father's Day, don't delay in finding the right gift.  Putting your kids' faces or names on a hammer or cutting board or glass takes time and you only have 2 weeks from today.  Good luck ladies!



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