DIY Christmas Tags


Now that we're in the home stretch before Christmas and all most of your shopping is done, you might be wishing you did a little more crafting in anticipation of the holidays.  So you didn't get to make that crochet afghan or Christmas quilt you wanted to make?  There is still hope for a little craftiness for Christmas!

A couple of years ago, I decided to put that stash of scrapbook materials to work.  (O.K., it was close to Christmas and I didn't have any gift tags for presents.)  This was so much fun and brought a real personal touch to each gift.  Whether you have a large stash of papers, stamps, glitter, stickers and punches or just a few old Christmas cards from last year, this is the project for you.  It's also a great way to get the kids involved now that they are out of school.  If you would like to get some items to use, this is the best time to buy Christmas stickers, stamps and paper because they are certain to be on sale.

This is really less of a tutorial and more of an idea generator, so here are a few:

1.  It doesn't matter what size (or shape) you make the tag - just be sure to leave room to write the "to" and "from."
2.  Use stickers, stamps, bits of fabric, glitter and anything else you have on hand.  It all looks pretty and homemade, which is the point of the project.
3.  Use leftover Christmas cards you didn't send or cut out parts of Christmas cards you received.  There are some examples in the picture below ("O Holy Night" and "Star of Wonder").  Just write on the blank backside of the card or cut out a piece of cardstock and adhere to the back of the card cutout so you can write on it.

4.  Pro tip - Reuse the tags for people who receive your gifts each year.  If you like this idea, be sure to punch a hole in the corner of the tag and use curling ribbon to attach it to your gift.  Otherwise, you will end up with some pretty tags with torn corners from tape.
5.  If you really love this idea and make more tags than you can use, package them up and give them as little gifts to friends during the holiday season next year.  You can probably find some cute boxes or Christmas containers on sale right now that would be perfect for this.  Or better yet, make some extra for you next year.  My favorite part of getting out my Christmas decorations is to find the little surprises I purchased after Christmas.  A little box of handmade tags might be a welcome gift to yourself next year when you might not have the time to make them.

Have a joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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