Harvest Collection 2020


It's already September and this year I am proud to introduce a limited edition Harvest Collection at Pretty Home Threads on Etsy.  These are items specifically for your Fall home decor, including pillow covers, afghans, aprons and kitchen items.  There is even a Harvest Collection Puzzleball for kids.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to walk through the Collection that will be available while supplies last through November 30.  I will be adding more items to the Collection through October 1, but then I need to work on the Holiday Collection coming out November 1.

In 2020, maybe even more than other years, we NEED our homes to be places of comfort.  We spend more time at home so it should be a place of comforting sights and smells (more about that later this week).  As I created items for the Harvest Collection, this was the thought.  Click on any of the links to see the specific listing, including price.

In pillow covers, I'm offering some made-to-order options for both crochet pillow covers and sewn pillow covers.  I've also introduced some one-of-a-kind pillow covers with quilting and needlepoint.

Gingham Burlap Needlpoint Pillow Cover 12"

I'm especially proud of this last set of crochet pillow covers because you have the option of designing it yourself.  You pick the crochet pattern (Celtic, Basketweave or Pom Pom), you pick the color (grey, camel or cranberry), you pick the tassel options (corner, sides or none) and you pick the size of the cover (12", 14" or 16" square).  I look forward to making the perfect pillow cover for you!

I made an afghan for the Harvest Collection as well.  It's the perfect size for cuddling by the fire.

Let's don't forget the kitchen - what's a holiday celebration without food?  Shouldn't you set a festive mood while you're cooking?  All of my aprons have "names" based on the design.

I also have several sets of cotton crochet dish cloths.  These are the perfect size and texture for dish washing or cleaning in your kitchen with a cute touch of fall.  They come in sets of 4 dish cloths.

All of these (and more) are available at Pretty Home Threads on Etsy.  Did I mention that shipping is FREE??  But hurry - some of these items are one-of-a-kind and are only available for a limited time.

Happy Fall Y'all!



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