Easy Daily Organizer DIY

It's back-to-school time and everyone is trying to get it together.  This is an EASY craft you can do in an afternoon with supplies you may already have.  It is a daily organizer, but it can be designed any way you want it and used for so many things:
  • Menu board
  • Dorm/college calendar or organizer
  • School homework 
  • Chore chart
Here's what you need to create your own organizer:
  1. A picture frame with glass front (any size) - I found this one (11 x 14") at Goodwill for a couple of dollars.
  2. Poster board cut to fit the frame (optional)
  3. Scrapbook paper/stickers
  4. Dry erase marker
  5. Easel/picture stand (optional)
I also made the cup and will give directions on how to make that tomorrow.

I started by taking the picture frame apart and cleaning the glass.  You can use a single sheet of scrapbook paper (or even contact paper that you peel and stick) depending on the size of your frame.  Because I chose an 11 x 14" frame, no single sheet would fit.  I also wanted more than one paper.  To make it even easier, I used a piece of poster board cut to fit the frame and then worked directly on it.  If you like to decorate with seasonal themes you could use this method to change out your design just by removing the decorated poster board and replacing it with a different one.

I picked out coordinating scrapbook paper and cut it into 8 strips that will lay horizontally on the poster board (approximately 1.75" x 11").  That way I had one strip for each day of the week and a header.  I used glue to place them on the poster board and for fun hot glued a little thin lace and ric-rac to add dimension.

Once I finished decorating the poster board, I put it into the picture frame with the glass over it.  Then I used letter stickers applied directly to the glass to create the heading and days of the week.  You could always do this on the poster board, but doing on the glass seems to make the paper "pop" a little more.  (If you follow my previous suggestion about changing your design seasonally, you might want to reconsider applying the stickers directly on the glass unless they are neutral colors to match your changing seasonal designs.)

Here is the finished product:

Because the frame is bigger, I used an easel I bought at Michaels.  However, you could hang your organizer on the wall.  I've even seen a variation on Pinterest that used a collage frame will multiple boxes, each with its own background paper and glass front.

You can use dry erase markers in a couple of sizes to write directly onto the glass part of the organizer.  It wipes off with a soft cloth so you can use it over and over.  Cool, huh?  If you decide to make this yourself, post a picture in the comments or on my Pinterest page under "Crafts" (where you will find this post pinned).  While you're there, don't forget to follow Pretty Home Threads

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