Drawstring Bag Sewing Pattern

I started making these bags a couple of years ago.  They measure 12.5" x 16" and are fully lined.  I love making these cute bags with home decorating or "outdoor" fabric on the outside of the bag and cotton on the inside. I've been using the ones shown here for years to carry my Surface laptop on planes. They are super convenient when you just need a little bag.  They are also perfect for kids, especially little ones who might be overwhelmed by a full size backpack.  If you use nylon for the liner fabric, they make great "swim bags" too.  Here's what I used to make a 12.5" x 16" lined bag:

2 13 x 16" pieces of Fabric A (outside of bag)
2 13 x 16" pieces of Fabric B (lining)
2  3 x 12" pieces of Fabric A (casing) 
2 3 x 12" pieces of Fabric B (casing)
2  2 x 3" pieces of Fabric B (tabs)
4 yards of cord cut in half (I used 3/16" nylon coated)

These bags have so many uses and you can change the design to suit your needs.  The cording can be purchased at a hardware store.  You can also use ribbon (especially if your bag is lighter weight cotton), or you can make your own fabric straps instead of cords.

Like many of my patterns, I published the complete pattern on the blog for a long time.  However, now you can find the complete pattern HERE in my Etsy store, Pretty Home Threads.  It's a digital file that immediately downloads when you purchase it on Etsy - no waiting for me to send or ship anything.

This is an intermediate sewing pattern, but it becomes really simple once you get the hang of it.

Happy sewing!

Update 5/7/22:  I am now making these drawstring bags and have a bunch listed in my Etsy store, Pretty Home Threads!



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